Visual Design Foundations 2.0
Key skill for your
UX/UI design career
🚀 Create beautiful slide decks, websites and UI
👩‍💻 Stand out and land that job
💰 Help businesses attract more clients
🚀 Create beautiful slide decks, documents and UI
👩‍💻 Stand out and land that job
💰 Help business attract more clients
🚀 Create beautiful slide decks, documents and UI
👩‍💻 Stand out and land that job
💰 Help business attract more clients
8 weeks · Access for 6 months
—But I’m bad with colors and can’t draw, can I become a designer? 😣
Yes, you can! 💪
This course is for you if ↓
You are starting in UX/Product design. And you struggle to make things look good. You want to learn to create better UI but not sure how.
You want to switch to UX/Product design. You are a researcher, a PM, or just curious about design and want to learn to express your ideas visually.
After the course you'll have
Meet your instructor
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I’m Julia, a senior product designer with 12 years of experience
I’ve started designing websites in 2003 and made all mistakes out there 😅. I wish I had an experienced designer by my side help me avoid them.
I worked as a front-end developer and switched to UX design in 2012. I know how hard it is to change careers, too.
Currently, I work as a senior product designer, and specialize in UI and Design Systems. My design passion is typography and I dedicated the biggest lesson to it in the course.
I love helping other designers grow, and this course is based on my experience and made to speed up your growth.
Here’s what’s inside
7+ hours of videos packed with tips
Theory with LOTS of contemporary examples of use and pragmatic tips.
Detailed explanations and demos
I attached demos with detailed step-by-step explanations how an assignment is done IN REAL LIFE. You can drop me a line in course Slack channel if you have a question or need feedback.
Figma logo
Figma basics
Learn the basics of the most used UX design tool, Figma. Learn layout and styling on real-life examples.
Design process
Find out how to translate the idea into design.
Myths debunked
You don’t need a talent or drawing skills to be good at design. You need a system and a lot of practice.
Solid career basics
Learn structure and principles to see and deconstruct good design to create your own work. Find and use inspiration the right way.
Pragmatic design resources
Get access to the Pragmatic Design Hub: the living document with link to free and paid resources to help you do the best design work.
Still not sure?
Course curriculum
Please plan 5-8 hours a week for the course
1. Introduction
1. Introduction and household rules
2. Theory
2.1 What is visual design
2.2 Design thinking and problem solving
2.3 Design critique and feedback
2.4 Principles of visual design – Watch for free
2.5 Demo – Figma basics
2.6 Typography
2.7 Grid, spacing and layout
2.8 Color and imagery
2.9 Trends and timeless design
2.10 Inspiration and tips
3. Resources and next steps
4. Exercises
4.1 Exercise 1: Slide redesign + Figma Demo
4.2 Exercise 2: Document redesign
4.3 Exercise 3: Replicate a website + Figma Demo
5. Final project
6. Outro
What others say
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Ashish Chopra
I really enjoyed super packed information in a short amount of time and I learned something new with the example of poster design and see it organically evolving with every example you showed. I think I am going to practice it a bit to get my hands on it. Also, I noticed everything you were talking about was also implemented in your presentation in the video. The video itself has a good visual design too.
Cassandra Diaz
Great overview of principals and rules. Enough information to understand but the teacher also encourages you to go out and learn these in-depth as well as practice!
Efren Alvarez
This course is very well done, the lessons are prepared and organized with care and the explanations are clear. It is a very nice walk through all elements of good design, I would highly recommend it for beginners and as a refresher of key concepts. Thank you Julia for the course!!! :)
Arthur D’Aquino
I really enjoy this course! I lot of good information in a short time. Love it.
Hemanth Roy
This course is absolute on point course being a designer i can say that this will be really really usefull.
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8 weeks · Access for 6 months
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